The Pintler Mountain Beef Family


Hi there! We are the Pintler Mountain Beef family and we welcome you to our site!


About Our Family

Pintler Mountain Beef cattle are raised on our family ranch located at the foothills of the Anaconda-Pintler Wilderness. I'm Sarah, a native of Washington State and this is my wonderful family. Josh, my husband, is a 5th generation Montanan, making our children, Rasmus, Rye, and Maeve, 6th generations on the ranch. We hope to continue the 120-year tradition of raising cattle in a sustainable way with a deep connection to the land and to our children. Please enjoy a look back at the history of the Christensen Bros Ranch and Pintler Mountain Beef.

Images from around the ranch

A home-made bullrake pushes hay onto a Beaverslide. These two pieces of equipment were widely used around southwest Montana until about the late 1970s (Christensens used them into the 2000's).

Sarch Carey at his ranch; note the granary built about 1900 to the left. It still stands and is in use for storage. There used to be several like it in the upper Trout Creek Valley, but few remain.

A young rancher sports his Angora goat chaps, prized for their warmth, on the Carey ranch on the East Fork, early 19th century.

Ranchers enjoy a cold Rainier Beer after a spring branding on Trout Creek. It was tradition then for local ranchers to help each other brand. Alas, this is now largely a thing of the past as ranches are lost to subdivision or become playthings of the wealthy.