Grazing on a 119 year old family ranch nestled in the foothills of the Pintler Mountains of Western Montana, our cattle are grass-fed and grass-finished without hormones or antibiotics.


Striving for Excellence

We believe in the quality, taste, and nutrition of our mountain raised beef. Pintler Mountain Beef is grown with care, from animals raised humanely without hormones or antibiotics. Our cattle are grass-fed and grass-finished for a flavor that will have you coming back for more!

When you buy our product, not only do you get an amazing tasting steak but also peace of mind knowing that what you're eating is ethical and sustainable. What's better than delicious food? Delicious food with no guilt attached!

Bon Appétit!

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Montana Ranch-Raised Beef

Shop for wholes, halves, and quarters

Our beef is raised wild and free, right along side the elk, moose, and deer.

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Whole Beef Package - Pintler Mountain Beef

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Half Beef Package
Half Beef Package - Pintler Mountain Beef
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Half Beef Package


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Quarter Beef Package - Pintler Mountain Beef
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Eighth Beef Package - Pintler Mountain Beef
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Sixteenth Beef Package
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Sixteenth Beef Package


Something for everyone

We sell beef by the individual cut or by the entire animal, the choice is yours!

Our Team

We share a passion for continuing the old Montana ranching tradition of producing high quality beef while preserving open spaces for our cattle and the wildlife to roam.
original homestead of Pintler Mountain Beef

Steeped in Tradition

The ranch house (the original burned down in the 1940's) that was homesteaded in the early 1900's by Phillip Sarsfield Carey, also known as "Sarch" or "Sarg." In addition to ranching, he worked at the Rumsey Mill just south of Philipsburg (a common theme with small ranches is the necessity to have a supplemental income!). Later Bill Christensen lived there; and then it was a bunk house for hay crew in the summers. Now unfortunately time is catching up to it.

Ranch History

Healthy Cows, Healthy Beef

Pintler Mountain Beef cattle spend their entire lives consuming grass in the summer and a mixture of grass and alfalfa hay during the winter and they are never given growth hormones or antibiotics. This means they are as healthy as the elk that graze along side of them.

new york strip steak - Pintler Mountain Beef
fresh trimmed new york strip steak - Pintler Mountain Beef

New York Strip Steak

Our dry-aged New York Strip steak is your all in one answer for grilling, pan frying and even sandwich making. If you're looking for a lean cut of meat that's perfect with salt or pepper on the grill look no further because our dry-aged strip loin will not disappoint!

Block Management

Christensen Brothers Ranch allows bow and general season access to prime elk and deer hunting across the ranch, with adjacent USFS and State land access. Region 2, HD 211, BMA # 52. https://fwp.mt.gov/hunt/access/blockmanagement/guide-maps

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Grazing Management

PMB uses a high-intensity, extended-rest rotation grazing regime to improve native grass and plant species as well as wildlife habitat

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Ranch Headquarters

Philipsburg, MT